Patio Decoration Ideas

Patio is a transition from the outside area to the inside of the house or vice versa. Patio is a part of the house that is no less important than the other parts of the house, Patio usually located in front of the side or rear. Patio or commonly called the patio is used as a place to relax with family and a place to chat in addition to the family room. In addition to the family terrace can also be used to relax, interact and can also be used to drink coffee or tea with your friends. In addition to this function, Patio also functions as a path of air circulation and the entry of light into the house.

For a good patio decoration, we need to add ornamental plants around Patio or flowers on the table so that Patio atmosphere becomes cooler and makes us feel more relaxed and comfortable. You can put these ornamental plants in small pots. You can also add hanging flowers like orchids and more. If you want to drink coffee or tea then you need to add a few comfortable chairs and a small table, like in the picture above. In the picture above we can see a simple terrace decoration but still comfortable to relax and with a cool atmosphere. Patio is perfect for those of you who only have land that is not too large. In order to look more attractive you can add decorations on the wall with paintings or pictures on Patio walls.

But if you have a large enough land you can add a garden in front of Patio, with a fish pond that is very suitable to create a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere, usually a terrace like this is located at the front of the house. For the back porch, with extensive land you can add a swimming pool surrounded by plants. You can also add grass as a patio pad, which will definitely add to the atmosphere to be comfortable and cool.

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